it's me. the sophmeister.

the only time a tootsie roll tastes good is on halloween.

mini butterfingers are better than the big ones.

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things i know about moana

  • had to put off a trip 2 disneyland for a whole year 2 pay for her braces
  • swag
  • likes hats and soulja boy

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i hit my head really hard today on the car door and got a good sized lump there. i’m lumpy!!!!!

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my hair smell like hair dye like honestly. patooey.

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nge is awful! why do y’all reblog/talk about/watch it 

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what i say: i wanna do it

what i mean: likc this *****!

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i realized the cardigan i got for liek $4 has shoulder pads today which makes it 10x more awesome

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bring the beeper back!

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i wish i was ron from kim possible!!


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