it's me. the sophmeister.

I can’t wait to get groceries tomorrow and eat all the vegetables I want.. every fruit and vefie in the entire world

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I think I sprained my pinky toe. lol

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literally I’ve had a burger almost every day this month cos it’s the cheapest thing and I’m broke an I haven’t event even gained weight actually. lost some!! thank you dance

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my leg is itchy

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i’m about 2 judge here but i think it’s very weird that kim takes her baby all around with the paparazzi and stuff like if it were me i wouldn’t want my child experiencing that kind of thing especially so young and it makes me uncomfortable

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i want little bunny slippers 2 wear around the house but like.. i never wear slippers around the house i hate shoes and i love 2 wiggle my toes. in theory it would be nice tho

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my mom’s going 2 make dinner tomorrow like a real home-y dinner but i just realized!! i have rehearsal til 9:45 :^\

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i hate wusses and also wimps 

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most old anime has not held up over the years and it’s hard 4 me 2 watch tbh bc i don’t like the color palette

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